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  • Best Quality

    Best Quality PCBS and Assemblies in Sri Lanka.
    Say Bye Bye to your home made DIY PCBs. Give and industry grade out look to your project

    Model 1
  • PCB Multilayer Fabrication

    True sense of Multi-layer PCB manufacturing, First time in Sri Lanka. 1-30 layer PCB manufacturing with industry grade options.

    Model 2
  • On Time Delivery

    Surprise your customer by delivering the Project or Product way before the deadlines. LankaPCB will make sure that you get what you ordered on time.

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PCB Layout Designing

Lanka PCB has successfully completed many complex PCB layout projects. Years of proven experience and extensive use of design validation tools enable us to develop high-quality designs for complex systems with low risk.


PCB Manufacturing

As hobbyists ourselves, we organize both local and international manufacturing power, panelized designs, reduce the shipping cost, and ensure the quality. It will be a source to sustain our company along with other services we provide.


PCB Assembling

Equipped with both in house and outsourced manufacturing capacities , LankaPCB can assemble any type of project even a project with large quantity of units. Both through hole and SMT soldering can be provided to the customers as needed.

  • Best Quality

    Best Quality PCBs and Assemblies in Sri Lanka. Say Bye Bye to your home made DIY PCBs. Present your project or product with an industry grade professional look.


  • Fully Customizable Solutions

    Team LankaPCB strive to understand your needs and market to ensure that you get a fully customized electronic solution that meets your needs and fits your niche markets.


  • Competitive Prices

    With the help of best domestic and international suppliers LankaPCB will make sure that our customers will get the most competitive prices in Sri Lanka.


  • On Time Delivery

    Team LankaPCB has ties with both domestic and international courier and shipping services. So the meeting deadlines will never be a problem for LankaPCB customers.